Antiquity Testing Services

Looking for Antiquity Appraisal services? Ancient Art International offers the services of Richard Brockway for professional ancient art appraisals. We can offer swift turnaround times with full documentation supporting our conclusions. You will be able to use our appraisals for insurance companies, valuation for collections, division of property, damage reimbursement, et al.

We can send you additional information on all the details included in an appraisal upon request.

Consulting Services

Ancient Art International has provided consulting services for many years in developing fine and specialized art collections and assembling portfolios of ancient art objects for investment purposes. We can help you build your collection with suggestions to create a full spectrum. Also Ancient Art International can be used in obtaining meaningful tax advantages with specific donations. We can advise investors in art on the possibility of 1031 exchange, however, we would not suggest execution of such without the explicit advice of a tax preparation professional.

Testing, Custom Mounting, and Restoration Services

Ancient Art International has available experienced and proven professionals to perform these services. Thermo-luminescent (TL) testing can be performed on any antiquity that has been fired. IR Spectroscopy can be used for determining the age of wooden pieces. Restoration can be performed as needed. Contact us when you have need of these services.

Please contact us for your special requirements.