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Antiquities and Artifacts - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions we receive about the sale of our antiquities and artifacts.

  1. Will you discount the piece of your artifacts? Normally no, as we are so far below the New York, Paris and London antiquities markets, our customers know they’re getting exceptional quality at great prices. We do give other antiquity dealers a professional trade discount of 10% and we feel obligated to give our best customers the same discount. We also tend to offer a package price; when someone buys three or more artifacts we can make an exceptional price.
  2. How do I know it’s real? Richard Brockway has been collectingantiquities and artifacts  for 50 years accumulating a vast amount of knowledge and we also use experts in particular fields of ancient art to authenticate. Oftentimes we will test with thermoluminescence if we think it’s necessary. The important point is that we guarantee unequivocally every piece that we sell and document this with a certificate of authenticity which is a lifetime guarantee, not just 30-60 days as some dealers do. In all our years of dealing, we’ve never had a piece come back.
  3. How long have you been in the antiquities business? Richard started Ancient Art in 1988, but has been studying and collecting since 1960.
  4. Why are your antiquities so well priced? Greco-Roman Artifacts - The field was formerly underappreciated. There used to be much more available as the European nations plundered the native sources for two hundred plus years. Since UNESCO passed the Cultural Property Laws, it’s now illegal to take pieces out of the country of origin. The supply has dried up and as people have become educated about the rarity and beauty of ancient pieces, the prices have begun to rise appreciably. Chinese Artifacts- Antiquities poured out during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). With economic expansion, additional large quantities of Chinese antiquities entered the international art market and prices of Chinese pieces dropped. But as illegal excavation was curtailed and the Army’s efforts to gain foreign currency for the government were controlled, scarcity and therefore increases in pricing began to mount. Now it is a capital offense to take an antiquity out of China. In addition, the prosperity in China has allowed the emergence of a collecting class. The Chinese are now populating the auction halls of the world in order to repatriate their antiquity treasures.
  5. How will my artifacts be delivered? Upon confirmation of your payment for a piece with PayPal or with our credit cards, we will arrange the safest and swiftest form of delivery to suit your wishes.  Send us an email with the method you would consider the best for your purposes.  For instance, we have found that some carriers will not deliver to a  particular country.
  6. How do we find our antiquity pieces? Richard has been collecting for 50 years. He lived abroad in many places. He lived in England when ancient art was abundant because the British were merchants and mariners for hundreds of years bringing home souvenirs of their travels.  He lived in Japan, Italy and then Turkey in the mid-sixties; antiquities were abundant and legal to export. After UNESCO passed the Cultural Properties law, it was no longer possible to export from Turkey so a huge source of genuine antiquities dried up. In ten years in Paris, Brockway developed numerous contacts in the antiquities field and is on a first name basis with almost everybody in the business. Many times he has first examination of inherited collections that come on the market. With fifty years of collecting, we are sitting on a huge inventory. All was acquired legally and at prices considerably under today’s market which allows the savings to be passed on to our customers.
  7. What payment do we accept? We offer PayPal and MasterCard and Visa.
  8. What is BCE and CE?  BCE is Before Common Era and CE is Common Era -  we use these designations for our dating of pieces.

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